Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat

Alright you guys, I want to talk about yoga to reduce belly fat!

I don’t know about you but bathing suit season is always engaged for me. Not that I live in a place where I can wear a bathing suit all year round – I wish I did though! It’s more of a look good feel good mentality and the tummy area is the most fretted about part of my body.

I think this is the most insecure on my body and for a lot of other people that’s where they struggle with the most too. There are some great yoga poses that really engage the core that I am really excited to talk about.

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To be honest though – all yoga requires the core engaged for the most part. Even when you sit up straight with good posture your core is engaged, which does lead to a reduction in belly fat.

So, if you’re thinking ‘will yoga help me lose weight?’ or ‘how can I lose weight doing yoga?’ I will be talking about how yoga helps you lose weight.

As you all know I love yoga and I love the strength and slimming that I have experienced by doing yoga frequently so I can’t wait to share my tips to help you out!

As always I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below, or if you have any questions!

Can Yoga Help Lose Weight?

So I bet you’re thinking, can yoga help me lose weight? I know that yoga really gets it reputation for being stretchy and building strength without so much in regard to weight loss.

yoga tummy fatWell let me tell you, yoga definitely helps and has some of the best way to get rid of belly fat.

I went to a class on Monday and the outside muscles over my ribs were sore. I could really only thing that it was the amount of chaturanga’s that I did but I went to hot yoga yesterday and did WAY more chaturanga’s and am not sore in the slightest.

I think it’s that temperature factor! I love hot yoga and if you are interested in reading more about it, check you my post – hot yoga, HOT YOGA.

Yoga helps to lose weight because instead of intense training you are required to hold poses. I know right, oooo holding poses but seriously they are very strength building. Some poses you will see everyone’s legs shaking because it’s challenging. You test your strength using your body weight and you burn those calories.

A lot of yoga practices also involve movement as well within the pose. This has changed from when I started doing yoga and it was very pose focused. Now with a lot of the poses there are sets of movement on each side.

Here are some examples of this:

  • In table-top pose – raise the opposite arm to leg and move the elbow to touch the knee five times.
  • In high lunge – With the arms raised push them behind you and bend over the front leg
  • In downward dog – kick the leg up, bring it to the same side armpit, kick it up high and bring the knee to the opposite arm, kick it back up again and curl it into the center – trying to kiss your knee

And those are only a few examples of what happens in a yoga class.

Best Yoga To Lose Weight

I am sure that you know by now there are a couple different kinds of yoga. There is hatha, power, vinyasa (part of most practices), flow along with many others. I will be making a post later on this week to talk about all of them in more detail.

Yoga poseHowever, for today, there is a kind of yoga that helps you lose weight.


You can find any power yoga class through any of your local studios, or online through YouTube or View all classes at” target=”_blank”>

I fully take advantage of yoga to reduce belly fat and power yoga works wonders for this.

Power yoga involves a lot of movement and strength. It’s like a regular yoga class but then add two energy drinks. This kind of class will really test your core strength and stability.

I would definitely recommend that you know what the cues and poses are called before attending this kind of class!

I will talk about the best exercises to get rid of belly fat below!

Yoga Exercises To Lose Weight

Alright, so the moment we have all been waiting for. We have talked about yoga that helps you lose weight (or why) now it’s time!

Yoga Poses To Lose Belly Fat.

There are many exercises to reduce belly fat but these are the yoga moves to lose weight.

1. Chaturanga

Please tell me that you saw this coming! The chaturange sequence is so amazing not only for belly fat but for your arms as well – and maybe even glutes!

Chaturanga’s start in high plank (check to the belly being engaged), lower down all the way to the ground, or stop and hover right above. This is how my midsection got sore – I was talking about it earlier in the article.


Look at the photo attached. I really want to point out what tucking your elbows in and being stacked over your wrists looks like. This ‘flow’ is great for muscle building but there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you do it wrong. The image above should be your guide on how to do it right.

If you really want to go extreme – hang out down there for a little while and see how your body feels!

2. Side Plank and Regular Plank

When I first started doing yoga, the side plank was new to me and holy moly was I shakey.

Now I am able to really enjoy the side plank and I go for the extra challenge of lifting up my leg as well.

This is a great yoga pose to reduce belly fat and be sure to do it on BOTH sides. Unless you are trying to keep close track of your progress – then only do it on one side and in a couple months one side will be toned and the other will not 😉

Side Plank

3. Chair Pose

Chair pose isn’t just for the glutes, although it does benefit your buns too!Chair Pose

Chair pose really requires the core muscles to be active to properly do the pose. Once you have ‘seated’ in your chair, test yourself and go a little lower than lower while keeping your back straight.



  • Always keep your core engaged – even when you are not doing yoga!
  • You can check out Yoga Tips for Weightloss too! – Yoga Tips For Weightloss


My favourite go to for online yoga!

Online Yoga Classes

I hope I have been able to answer the question, “Will Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?” There are many types of yoga that helps you lose weight and different poses as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read about yoga to reduce belly fat. Please take with you the yoga that helps you lose weight tips!

As always, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!



Kahlua Gordin


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6 Responses

  1. Reanna says:

    Wow Kahlua, you have some really great information here!

    Unfortunately, I don’t live near any hot-yoga studios, so I will just have to imagine what they are like.

    I will be sure to include these moves into my morning stretch & yoga routines.
    Burn Belly Burn!!

    All the best,

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your kind words!

      I am sorry to hear that there is no hot yoga near you. Hopefully, that will be changed in the near future.


  2. thomas says:

    Thanks for this information on how yoga helps burn belly fat. I never knew that yoga could be so effective at burning fat, but since it’s great for core strength building, it certainly makes sense! I loved how descriptive the pictures were and your site is extremely helpful overall. My wife and I may have to start some couples yoga to get more healthy 🙂

    • admin says:


      That’s great news! Couples yoga sounds like a blast! You could even try acro yoga – it works perfectly for partners!

      I am happy the photos helped you out. It is really important to do the poses correctly as to not hurt yourself and to get the most out of the pose!


  3. jaywhon herron says:

    First off great article! My wife and daughter have been doing yoga for the past few months and they love it. I didn’t believe that you could lose weight from doing yoga, but they look great. Yoga has changed their way of living, it’s more of a lifestyle now for them. I would like to know is there some form of yoga that helps with tempers? Better way of saying it is there a calming yoga style? Let me know.

  4. Philip says:

    Hi Kahlua,

    I have been meaning to do Yoga to reduce belly fat for a while now. I spend so much time online that I know I need a few sessions a week to get back into shape. I notice that when celebrities get into Yoga they take it too far – they go too think. That is not my desire as they look desperate. But to keep in shape and feel healthier is desirable.

    Thank you for your instructions and advice here and I will be using the knowledge here as I look for classes in my location.


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