Yoga Tips for Weight Loss

Yoga Tips for Weight Loss

It’s bathing suit season everyone! Summer has arrived in full swing. I hope you live somewhere hot and sunny like I do, it’s so great being a beach bum every day.

Even if you don’t live somewhere super warm you certainly have to get that beach body engaged. Yoga tips for weight loss will go over some key yoga tricks you can do to keep your buns and tummy tight for the season!


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A great way, and no brainer for weight loss is to commit yourself every day. Yoga does so many great things for your body and everyone who practices daily has a great muscle mass.

The best part about doing yoga every day.. You get to do yoga every day. Yoga is a great way to lose weight without having to commit to the gym or spend a lot of money if you are on a budget.

All you need is a good mat and a WiFi connection!

If you can commit to your practice once a day, you will surely see a weight difference in yourself and your muscle will definitely be tighter.

Power Yoga

The name says it all!

Power yoga is a wonderful way to fast track your weight loss and build muscle. There are many ways you can get access to power yoga as well.

You can check out your local studio, access it through YouTube, or check out some of these power yoga DVD’s.

Power yoga is a much faster paced yoga that gets you holding the tougher poses longer and flowing quicker through the easier one. Make sure you have an idea of the poses before starting. You can always refer to the DVD or instructor but because it goes so fast you’re going to want to have an idea of what’s happening first.

Sign up for a power yoga challenge that you commit to yoga for thirty days. Do a weigh in of yourself in the beginning and check out how much you weigh at the start of every week. That is a definite motivator for weight loss.

Add Movement

A lot of yoga poses are great on their own for weight loss but when you add movement into the pose it gives you that extra burn.

A couple variations that you could try are:

  1. High Lunge
    1. When you are in a high lunge add in a knee bend. What you will do is breath in and reach your arms up and exhale while bringing your arms down and bending at the knees. Do this for five breaths on each side.
  2. Warrior 2
    1. When you are fixed in warrior 2 do the same thing as you would have done in the high lunge. Breathe in and then exhale and bend over to the inside of your knee while pushing your arms back. Inhale to bring yourself back to center. Again, do this for five breaths a side.
  3. Tabletop Position
    1. When you are settled in a table-top position with your arms under your shoulders, flat back and knees under hips get a balance and extend the opposite arm and leg (ie. right arm and left leg). Push them out straight without over stretching your back, get your balance and try to touch elbow to knee on your exhale. Do this for five breaths on each side.
  4. Downward Dog
    1. When you’re in downward dog, lift your leg up high on the inhale and exhale bringing it in to tuck to your chest.. Without touching the ground (kind of like you’re going into pigeon). Again, five breaths per side should get you warmed up!

Yoga for Mobile Phone

Sun Salutations

yoga tips for weightloss

I know right, again with the sun salutations?

YES! Absolutely. Sun salutations take your whole body for a spin in like ten to fifteen breaths. They are always used as a warm up and go to.

You get chaturanga which works out your arms, like crazy. Pushing into and out of downward dog, which works on your arms and legs.

You just get everything and it’s a beautiful feeling.

Yoga for weight loss? Wake up and do three sun salutations every morning. Get your blood pumping and really, it doesn’t take that long at all.

Of course, for weight loss, focus on what kind of food you put into your body and what beverages you put in.

At the end of the day, you CAN do it and I firmly believe in you and the power you hold when it comes to your weight.


As always, feel free to leave me a comment and have a great day!




yoga tips for weightloss




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3 Responses

  1. Matts Mom says:

    I have been really thinking about doing yoga. First as I get older, I notice that I am a LOT less flexible and a LOT less balanced. This will help with both and help me to lose a little weight? If so, I am all in! Glad I found this information, thanks for sharing!

  2. Elena says:

    Hi Kgordin!
    ‘Power Yoga’! I like it. Definitely will follow your posts here. I thought yoga is only for stress release. Now I know it is more. I will try this exercises for sure. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. John says:

    I find it very interesting that you can manage weight loss through Yoga, I thought it more beneficial to go and spend a couple of hours in the gym. My mom has a shoulder problem which stops her doing certain activities, but it is nice to know that she could utilise this on top of a well balanced diet.
    Great information, thanks

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