Yoga Positions for Beginners

Yoga Positions for Beginners

Today I want to talk about some yoga positions for beginners.

As a starter yogi there is a lot happening and you are learning a lot too. You learn about what your body can do and how to connect your breathe to movement. Also, there is a whole new vocabulary that needs to be learned in the practice too!

It makes for a confusing first class.

That’s okay though! Everyone starts somewhere and no one is judging you. Yoga is a very personal journey even though you practice with other people in your class, you are looking inward on yourself. It’s a wonderful journey and I hope to encourage anyone and everyone to start the practice.

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yoga positions for beginners

Yoga Moves – Beginners

Firstly, let’s talk about some yoga positions for beginners. These will be the most common yoga moves. I have done write-ups on some of these as well and you can follow the link to read more about each one specifically.


I would say this is the most important pose (and the easiest). Also, known as corpse pose – chavasana is the most vital for ending your practice. I also start my practice this way as well.

Chavasana is where you lay on your back, close your eyes and relax your mind. This is where you reflect inward and focus on your breathe.

It is the perfect way to seal your practice.

Childs Pose

Yoga positions for beginnersAs seen in the photo to the right, childs pose is another resting position.

There are a few variations you can take in childs pose:

In this photo the knees are together, whereas I like to do my childs pose with my knees open to the outside edges of my mat.

Another variation is to take your arms and put them by your side. I find this adds to the stretch and prefer to keep my arms extended.

Downward Dog

Again, a very common pose.

Downward dog (see the link) has so many things happening in this pose all at once.

You are in an inversion, your legs are being stretched and you are building strength in your upper arms holding your self out.

This is the pose you will experience the most in any given yoga class & I encourage you to check out the post dedicated to it.

Tree Pose

Yoga Positions for BeginnersYay to standing poses! I love standing poses – they are probably my favourite. Tree pose is great to get you focused and learn to trust what your body can do.

As you can see from the photo, her foot is above her knee. There are two options when getting yourself into this pose.

1 – Foot below the knee

2- Foot above the knee.

Never on the knee. In my practices I have been able to get my right side to sit comfortably above the knee but the left side is being stubborn and hasn’t made it there yet.

Sun Salutation A – This is a yoga sequence

Because the link describes each position in detail, I will just touch on Sun Salutation A being another sequence that you will definitely encounter in your practice.

Sun Salutation A works on all of your muscles through the sequence.

It is also a great way to start your practice by warming up your body.

Be Concentrated On

When starting out yoga positions for beginners, there are some things that you need to focus on. I know this sounds challenging as there are a lot of things going on already but it is very important that you keep the below thoughts in the back of your mind.

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Your instructor, whether it be in person or online will be telling you things like, don’t clench your jaw, your knees should be stacked under your hips, or wrists under shoulders and make sure your knee is bent at a ninety degree angle (while in runners lunge).

These are very important cues and you need to make sure you are listening to your instructor. The last thing you want is a bad experience from your first yoga class because something got tweaked funny.


Always remember to breathe!

I know what you are thinking – hey dummy I breathe all the time. It’s natural. Derp.

In this case you want to make sure you are breathing through transitional poses. Exhaling in the right spot (your instructor will tell you) and inhaling.

When you get to a challenging pose – DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH. Which is common so don’t stress. Make sure you continue breathing.

With that breathe you can focus it where you are getting the stretch and over time you learn how to breathe into the stretch to allow your body to go deeper. It’s a really cool experience when that happens.

Free Online Yoga – Beginners

best yoga for beginners.So much yoga, so little time! Here is the best yoga for beginners. I have searched through many yoga positions for beginners and different teachers and here are a few of my top fav’s and some recommendations:

  • Yoga with Adriene! Adriene is amazing at explaining each pose and making sure you are doing it correctly – even though it’s online.
  • – this is a place with so many great instructors who really know what they are doing. There are so many styles of yoga you can find here.
  • As always – your local studio will be able to offer you great classes with proper poses. I do recommend that even if you are a home body to do some classes in a studio too. The experience is much different from the one at home.

To wrap up I hope I have been able to give you some insight on yoga positions for beginners. Please remember to always be mindful of your body and things shouldn’t ever hurt.

Also, there are so many resources out there for you to begin your yoga journey (me being one of them). So please, leave me a comment or a question about starting out your yoga practice. I will happily answer the best I can!

“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.”

T. Guillemets

If you would like to choose what is the best type of yoga for beginners, check out this post on all the different types of yoga.

Thanks for tuning in! Have a great day!




PS – Another shout out to Yoga with Adriene! I love her classes so much. She leads you through a great practice. Check her out be clicking here.

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Kahlua. Thanks for sharing. I love yoga and have come to understand that as soon as I think that I have mastered a pose my teacher will come along and show me another layer that will take me deeper into the pose for more benefits. The same is true even for the beginner poses. Especially downward dog. Several years later I am still being tweaked in new ways to deepen the experience. What a gift yoga is to humanity so that we can learn to help ourselves and enjoy the benefits of being in a physical body. I love the quote about the photographer and the yoga teacher. So true! Cheers.

    • admin says:

      Hey Andrew,

      Thank you for the comment.

      I totally agree I love yoga in every way possible. It’s great that you can always continue to learn and as you said – deepen the pose. It’s such a continual growth.

      Happy you liked the quote too!


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