What Motivates You To Do Yoga

What Motivates You To Do Yoga

What Motivates You To Do Yoga?

For the most part, and I hope you can agree with me on this. There are two main things that completely put off the things that we want (or think that we want)

What motivates YOU1. Procrastination

How many times do you say – after this show I will do that. Or, I will do that tomorrow.

I do that. I say okay after this show I will clean the kitchen. Or, I am so tired tonight, I will do it tomorrow.

How do we not procrastinate. Especially if we are mentally or physically drained. These things need to get done, right? Or do you just think that they need to get done right away?

2. We Put Off the Things That We Don’t Want To Do or Are Nervous About

This is different than procrastination.

barre apparel

This is where we know we should do something (like go to the gym) but don’t because of our mental barriers.

For me, I don’t go to the gym because I have NO idea what I am doing there. I can go on the treadmill, sure – but when it comes to actually working on my muscles I am so lost.

Now, I want to go to the gym and I think it would be really good for me and my body. But it comes back to my mental state & nerves about learning something new, and looking like a dummy because I don’t know what I am doing.

That’s The Same Feeling I Got When I First Thought About Yoga.

I HAD to find a friend to go with me because I was so insecure to go alone. I wouldn’t go if someone didn’t come with me.

Once there, it was a totally new world to me.

Why is everyone lying down at the beginning of class? And WHY are they sighing so much?

I started learning (and loving the practice) and was able to go on solo yoga missions.

I soon bought a membership, went as much as I could because I loved it so much. My body felt great, my mind felt great and I really noticed the flexibility.

I then started inviting my friend to go with me because I wanted them to experience what I was. Nobody really stuck around but that’s okay.

I Moved

After a couple years practice, I moved towns with my now husband. What Motivates You

And guess what – no yoga.

I wasn’t scared to go alone anymore as I had a pretty good understanding of the poses and sun salutations.

BUT there wasn’t any yoga offered in my town.

So, I took a break from the classrooms for a bit and did Yoga online. Hello YouTube, my friend.

I Found It


I went every day again and was so overall happy with my life and my body. It was far away from me but totally worth it.

Where I am at now.

I started yoga at a new studio too and I was nervous being part of a new group. I still love the feeling and am addicted to yoga. I am really looking into schools where I can learn to be an instructor. Maybe not so much to teach – which would be really cool, but more for myself and my spiritual practice.

Yoga Trial Offers

K, Cool Story?

I wanted to fill you in on my yoga background before I continued on. I think it’s important that you know that if you are feeling like I did, you’re not alone and also that if you put your mind to something, you can do it!

What Motivates Me To Do Yoga

what motivates you to do yoga

I will say firstly that a lot of the time I go to class or do an at home practice.

Now, when I am having a tough time getting motivation to step on my mat these are the things that I think about:

1. How Good I Will Feel After

Yes, my body and my mind will feel good after my practice. I will feel loose and limber and love every second of it.what motivates you to do yoga

Also, I feel good because I stepped past the negative thinking and I stepped past the thoughts of just wanting to be lazy and be a couch potato. That’s almost a better feeling than yoga at times.

2. My Body Craves The Feeling

Once I lie down on my mat. My body is so happy in downward dog and twists. I love stretching out the back of my hamstrings and a forward fold is one of my favourite poses.

I love the aftermath of feeling light on my feet after practice.

3. I Deserve IT!

After a long day at work I deserve some time for me where I don’t have to cook dinner or clean the kitchen. This is my time and I don’t have my phone on me or anything.

PS – I love when it’s about me 😉

4. I Want To Grow My Practice

I want to learn more and get more flexible. I want to be able to conquer hard poses that only come with practice. I want that yoga booty!

When I was regularly doing yoga, I could lead myself through an hour practice on my own because I was learning poses and how they are supposed to be done.

5. It’s The Little Things

An hour practice is minor in a day of busy things but it’s my thing.

It’s a small way (with BIG effects) to get back in tune with you.

What Motivates YOU To DO Yoga

Do YOgaSo, I have spilled my guts and given you all the wonderful reasons why I decide to go to yoga and not ditch out!

You deserve the time for yourself and I want to know what motivates you and why do you take the steps to get on your mat?

What’s your favourite part of yoga? What’s your favourite pose?

Please leave me a comment letting me know what you love best about doing yoga!


I hope you have a great day!





Also, for more inspiration – get yourself some new gear! That’s another factor that keeps me going, too!


Barefoot Yoga











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10 Responses

  1. Hii. really enjoyed your content, and way your site is laid out. I now know more about Yoga, and will give it a try. Keep up the good work.

    Lloyd Nelson

    • admin says:

      Hi Lloyd,

      Thank you for the nice comment.

      I do hope you give yoga a try, it’s a wonderful practice for your mind and body.


  2. Michael says:

    Hi Kahlua.

    Thanks for a great post. I can REALLY relate to almost all of what you write. Except I have actually never had a truly steady yoga practice… I have done yoga on and off for around 5-6 years, and I think I do pretty well in general. This comes down to the fact that I am in decent shape, I am fairly flexible, and I have a good amount of bodily awareness. But I don’t REALLY improve… And I am actually kinda bummed about this. I sort of think I should be better than I am, but of course that doesn’t happen, since I am not practicing enough to improve… Surprise, surprise! 😉

    This post has actually gotten me thinking a lot about this fact. I need to examine my reasons for wanting to do yoga, and focus more on them, so I can get into a steady practice. Yoga is to awesome of a thing, not to do it…

    So thank you so much, for helping me get some perspective! I’m sorry for not actually answering your question, but I think I need to think about it a little more first.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your great comment! I am really happy to have inspired you in some sort of way!

      I definitely have faced the same difficulties as well in the fact that I think I should be doing better than I am. I should add that in my post too as more motivation.

      I think sometimes all it really takes is for someone to break it down for you.

      I totally agree with you as well – yoga is to awesome of a thing to not do. I am basically addicted to the feeling of yoga!

      Please let me know if you have added more days into your practice (or even at home) there are so many great resources out there to do yoga at home!

      Cheers and thanks again,

  3. Rob says:

    I used to take yoga years ago when I lived in New York. I have since moved to Florida and have begun yoga again. I do practice it at home but also like to be in a yoga class. I get more inspiration when I participate in a class. I was always a procrastinator but I finally did take the plunge and join a yoga class.
    It feels great afterward and my body feels relaxed. Usually I require motivation but I did very well this time. It is also helping with weight loss and diabetes. How many times would you suggest doing yoga each week and for how long?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I agree with you that sometimes I do enjoy doing yoga in class better. It’s a fine line for me between in class or at home but I definitely don’t slack off as much in class. Or maybe it’s that I take it more seriously. Not sure.

      As far as much suggestion for yoga. I try to fit in a practice every day honestly. There are three days of the week that a class is offered and I can attend so I definitely do that (one of them is even hot yoga). On the other days I pull out my laptop and my mat and do a class – this one is usually only twenty minutes compared to the hour classes I attend. Some days I miss it or don’t pull out my laptop though.

      To sum it up, if you’re at least following through with a regular practice, regardless of the time, you will find your mind and body feeling a lot better and more flexibility.

      It’s what works best for you though!


  4. tahani says:

    I love to do yoga in the morning but sometimes, I feel a little laziness so I really need a motivation. After watching yogi accounts on Instagram I get enough energy and excitement to do more yoga. That really works with me lol
    Thank you for sharing this!

    • admin says:


      What a great suggestion! I totally agree with following yoga accounts on social media. When I see them doing poses it totally gets me excited for my practice too!

      Cheers & thanks for the comment,

  5. Holly says:

    I’ve been going to yoga once a week for about a month–trying to reduce some stress/tension and stretch out my upper back/shoulders/neck. When I went a couple days ago, I would say I FINALLY felt what I think yoga is supposed to feel like. That was really motivating. My schedule recently changed so I have to opportunity to go twice a week now and I’m excited for that. I definitely need to go to classes because for some reason I never seem to follow through on my intentions to do a home practice.

    • admin says:

      Hi Holly,

      Yes, it is definitely tough to follow through with classes at home. Sometimes I like to think of it as a regular class. Meaning that if I tell myself – okay yoga @ 6:30. When that time rolls around I get into my gear and find a class that I want to do.

      I do agree though it is challenging.

      Also, I am very happy to hear that you have found what yoga feels like – isn’t it awesome?! What was the turning point, or maybe, can you pinpoint a reason why it suddenly felt like it worked for you?

      Thanks for the comment,

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