Stand UP Paddleboard Yoga

Stand UP Paddleboard Yoga

Have you ever heard of Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga? It takes Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding and mushes them into one sport.

I have seen one lady at the lake I go to all the time and she SUP’s – Excluding the yoga I think, I haven’t asked – but she is jacked. She’s a grandma and is one of the most ripped ladies I have seen.

Paddleboarding really requires a lot muscles and focus. When it first came out, you know me being skeptical, I thought it looked easy but I think the ‘me’ in the back of my mind was like, ‘Hey Kahlua, you’re probably going to fall if you try that’.

So get this, I haven’t even tried it yet. I really need to. Just to at least say I have done it.

In my defense the lake is super busy in the summer and it’s a little dangerous because of all the boats.

Not buying it? Me either. That’s a lame excuse to not try something new.

Stand UP Paddleboard Yoga

Regardless, let’s get into what Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is.


We’ll start here.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding originated from surfing. What a surprise hey!

After surfing became popular it was becoming the trend to have a paddle as well.

In the past few years, where I am Stand Up Paddleboarding has blown up in popularity. I see it everywhere!

For those of you who don’t know I live in a very tourist based town so providing tourists with activities during the summer months is basically the industry.

Stand Up Paddleboarding has really met the criteria of things to do. I think another reason why people like it so much is because you can have a couple pops on the water without worrying about drinking and driving a boat which is not legal.

Stand Up Paddleboarding follows a very basic concept. It’s like canoeing or kayaking but instead of sitting your standing. It’s so great for your balance and for your core.. Yes please!

All you need is a board, maybe some water / beer and sunscreen. I think because it is one board, people want to stand on it like they are surfing or snowboard or skateboarding with a dominant foot in the front. This is not the case and you will likely fall if you try to do so.

You want to be standing on the board like you are on skis, feet hip distance apart and facing forward. Does that sound like mountain pose to anyone else? Eh eh.

That’s really it as far as stance goes, then you just take your paddle and skim across the lake.

I see a lot of people doing it and I haven’t seen one bail yet, even with all the waves created by boats.


I have done some Amazon research on what are the best SUP Yoga Paddleboards. My top favourite has 831 reviews and only 4% have rated the board on a 1-3 basis. All the other ones are 4+ stars.

Here is a photo of the board and everything you get with it.

Stand UP Paddleboard Yoga

*Check it out on by clicking the photo or the link provided ‘here‘.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

So, take SUP’ing that involves core strength, stability and upper body strength.

Take yoga that involves balance, deep stretches and breathing.




A full body workout.


Your entire body and brain are incorporated in this wonderful practice.

There are so many additional wonderful features you get too!

-It’s way more challenging than regular yoga. Say you are really into your practice and are looking for a different edge or something to add more of a challenge. Look no further! Another option is AcroYoga.

-You are able to really hone in on your practice and poses. As you are no longer on stable ground your board will tell you if you are leaning too much on one side. It is a great way to really refine and balance out each pose because if you are not level on all grounding points then your board will lean to that side and you may even be going for a swim! (which is also a good workout but not the point!)

-Imagine it’s six am (aside from it being 6 am) the lake is calm, it’s starting to get warm out but not sweaty and no one has really started driving or waking up. You take out your paddleboard and flow through a vinyasa sequence. How much more relaxing can that get?

-You get to try something new! I am all for adventure and experiencing new things and this really hits a top list of something fun and new.


I just love the combination of yoga (which I already love) and taking it to the next level by adding in more balance and water.

It reminds me in a weird way of when we were kids and we would play the floor is lava game. You can go on anything but you can’t touch the floor. It’s kind of the same for SUP Yoga in that you want to try your absolute hardest to not touch the ‘lava’. I’m sure it happens anyways and I imagine it’s not the end of the world. Honestly, on a really hot day I might even intentionally fall into the water to get a quick cool down!

Stand UP Paddleboard Yoga

I want to thank you very much for taking the time to read about Stand Up PaddleBoard Yoga.


Please let me know if you have done it and what your tricks were for staying on the board!

Or leave me a comment with your thoughts and questions!


Have a great day!



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11 Responses

  1. Montana says:

    Wow! I have never heard of this before. I do love yoga, and I also enjoy paddle boarding. I would have never thought to combine the two! I am definitely intrigued by this, and love a good challenge! Thank you for opening my eyes to something new.

    • admin says:


      I am happy that I am able to open your eyes up to something new.

      I do hope that you give it a try. The season is kind of coming to a close however it is still worth a shot!

      Thanks for the comment,

  2. OMG My girlfriend would love this but I don’t think I can stand on my head for more than 15 seconds LOL. The truth is that I would have never thought of this as a way to excercise. I looks like a lot more fun than sitting in my living room and doing yoga. Thanks for the info. Joe

    • admin says:


      You don’t need to stand on your head to enjoy standup paddleboard yoga! Don’t worry. You just need to have some form of balance.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Brandon says:

    Wow, this is simply amazing stuff my friend. I had no idea something like this even existed. I’m a newbie to the yoga game so is this something I can do straight away or should I get a bit more practice up my sleeve first. I mean, I don’t want to fall in the water or anything, LOL. Thanks for all this information!

    • admin says:


      I would maybe want to practice yoga at least a little bit before jumping on a paddle board.

      Or the other way around and try out a SUP board before trying to do yoga on it.

      Sometimes the water isn’t so bad either!


  4. Heku says:

    Hey Kahlua!

    Let me be honest, paddleboarding and yoga? I have only seen it in the movies or any advertisements but never did it on my own, and guess what? I would love to try it out, and much probably that is the reason why I got into your article. A beautifully written article for an awesome subject. I loved it.

    My question is: How long does it take for a started to reach to that point? As obviously I cannot expect to do it overnight, do I?


    • admin says:


      With practice and perseverance, you are able to accomplish anything.

      I have recommended having a basic knowledge of yoga first but a time limit has not been set out.

      Maybe you let me know how long it takes you and I will do the same.

      Let’s touch base in a couple months 😉


  5. brad says:

    I have always wanted to try paddle boarding and with combining the sport with yoga is a great idea. I already do yoga, so once I learn to paddle board, this will be great. Taking it to a new level.

  6. Habib Ali says:

    I do know some about the yoga but never heard of the stand up paddleboard yoga! It definitely seems interesting to try. I have learnt something new today. I shall be trying this soon. Thank you for sharing this useful information with us.


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