Power Yoga Workout

Power Yoga Workout

Hi Everyone!

Today I am feeling great and energized and happy. So, I am thinking of putting that energy and happiness to good use with POWER YOGA. It’s time to go over some power yoga workouts and hot power yoga.

Let’s talk about a power yoga description, free online yoga and basically anything POWER and YOGA.

For those of you out there who haven’t tried power yoga, give it a try. I will talk about what you need to know and would love your feedback of the experience!

Power Yoga Description

power yoga workoutWhat is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is considered a fast-paced, intense, fitness-based flow of yoga that is meant to make you sweat. There are many benefits of power yoga. The main one being that your heart rate increases quickly, you sweat, and you definitely feel the burn.

I do recommend having a basic knowledge of yoga before attending a power yoga class. I made that mistake and I was lost for half the poses. I was also super out of breath and this is because all yoga flows regulate around breathing.

With that said, I do encourage power yoga if you are looking for a fast-paced class and wanting to work your muscles.

Where to find Power Yoga

There are so many ways to enjoy power yoga. I will share with you some places I turn to to get my power yoga fix.

1. YouTube!

I love me a good YouTube yoga class. It’s free, I have so many choices and I can do it whenever I want. It doesn’t get better. There are some really great yoga teachers out there too who are trying to put out as many classes as they can to get people like you to follow them.

Check it out for sure. Especially if you are just getting started.

2. YogaDownload.com

workout leggings

I have been really enjoying this site. It has the structure that YouTube does not and you are able to pick from SO many classes.

I recently signed up for their 14-day booty and abs yoga challenge and have been loving it so far. I do highly recommend you check this one out when looking for more structure. The link on the title takes you to their free classes.

They offer subscriptions as well which is good too. It is a lot cheaper than a gym/studio membership and of course, you are not restricted to whatever time frame set out by an actual studio.

It is amazing if you can commit to yoga at home how good you feel. Take the time to do some quick practices, or take longer.

So, one more time, Power Yoga at yoga download is where you need to be! Check it, only to explore. 🙂

3. In Person

How could I forget? There are so many online resources now but get back to the basics. Find your closest yoga studio and get some power yoga in ya!

The best thing you will find at a yoga studio that you cannot find online is HOT YOGA!

I’m pretty sure that non-yogis think people who go to hot yoga are crazy. Like ya, let’s get into a really hot room and work out for an hour? But, have you ever done it?

Hot Yoga is amazing. You sweat out all the bad, nobody judges you for sweating because everyone is sweating and your body benefits from the higher temperature.

I always feel like when I go to hot yoga I’m in a blanket. I don’t think holy moly this is hot, I think of being cuddled up in a nice blanket. It helps with the mind over matter and the initial shock of the heat.

I will tell you a secret though when you start going through the flow, you don’t even notice the temperature. Your mind is not thinking about heat, your mind is focused on the flow and the movement of your


Get out your mat’s and get to the yoga!

Check out Gaiam.com, they are offering discounts on all products.

Things you will want for power yoga include:

  • A mat – Crucial really
  • Yoga Towel – I like to get the one that covers my mat. It is also excellent for hot yoga
  • A water bottle
  • Your favourite stretchy gear

We are just past the half-way mark to Christmas so you’re totally allowed to treat yourself first! 😉

Gaiam.Yoga Banner

Cheers, you guys and happy yoga days!

Kahlua Gordin






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4 Responses

  1. DonnieK2 says:

    I always thought of you as being something that was slow in its motions, taking time to get into it, more of a meditation type deal. Now you are introducing Power Yoga. What the deal here in being different?

    • admin says:

      Hi Donnie,

      Yes, yoga is very much meditation and seeing what your body can do.

      I think over the years and the popularity of yoga, different types of yoga have come out depending on what the user wants. Some include power yoga, which I discussed, hatha yoga which I think is what you are talking about.

      Power yoga you will find more fast-paced and focused on building muscle whereas hatha is more of a stretch based yoga.

      It’s all what you’re looking for right.

      Have a good one and thank for the comment!

  2. Patsy says:

    Hi Kahlua,

    I have never heard of fast-paced yoga before, but I see it’s best to have a basic knowledge of yoga first. Something I have never tried before.

    YouTube is so convenient and I’m sure there are many choices out there. I will have to check it out along with a studio that has hot yoga.

    Thanks for this great information.


  3. Great post! I’m no that into yoga but my wife is and I’m trying to learn more about it.
    The information was on point and now I will be looking at your other posts. The Top 10 yoga poses for beginners is next!

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