My Experiment – Yoga When You Are Sick

My Experiment – Yoga When You Are Sick

Hi guys! Hope you are having a great day!

I wanted to do a little experiment to see if you CAN do yoga when you are sick or if it will help you feel better!

My loving, wonderful husband decided that I was not allowed to be healthy while he had the flu so he was very kind to share it with me. I spent yesterday on the couch eating soup and watching movies.

Then it hit me, I wanted to see what the benefits are of yoga when you are sick.

I will discuss below what I did and how I felt afterwards.

Also, before you judge me and think I am crazy I will disclose that it a lot of convincing (done by me) to try this out. I really Yoga when you are sickdidn’t feel like doing ANYTHING but figured that an opportunity to do an experiment like this wouldn’t happen all the time and I definitely do not want to intentionally get sick to try it again!

*Stick around to the end and I will give you my special secret that really enhanced this experiment.

What I Did and Did Not Do.

Firstly, I did an at home yoga class. I definitely did not think it was fair to potentially get other people ill just for my own experiment.

I went to my favourite yoga site and found the perfect class – Yoga for Navigating Illness.

This class was only twenty minutes long too – I don’t think my energy levels or strength could have endured anything longer.

I started my practice with an extra long chavasana. I start my practice this way all the time but I really made sure to take a lot of extra time here focusing on my breath.

Now that I have been doing yoga for some time, I know what it feels like when I have my breath under control and when I am completely focused on my breathing. I took extra time here in my flu-induced state to really hone in on my breathing and make sure that it was steady and even.

My nose was definitely stuffed and I found that after I focused and steadied my breathing I was able to find some clearance through my nostrils (finally).

Once I was able to breathe deeply and it flowed naturally, I turned on the video.

I was regretting it at first and trying to ignore the little voice in my head telling me this was a bad idea.

Thankfully, I completed the full video. I am happy for the one I chose as it wasn’t too strenuous for me and I was able to keep the pace.

For those of you who are reading and have been to yoga before – you know the feeling once you have completed a class. How you feel so light on your feet and clarity in your mind.

Well, it was no different for me doing yoga when you have a cold. I was pleasantly surprised to be feeling better (and no it wasn’t the drugs) after the twenty-minute practice.

Child's PoseMy body wasn’t as achy as it was beforehand and I felt like I could actually move around without getting a headache.

I still totally milked being sick to get soup made for me but I felt a lot better.

After the practice, I went back to movies and hanging out on the couch, so it wasn’t like I was magically healed after a twenty-minute class. However, it did feel like I had gotten two days of sleep against my cold or that I had taken two doses of Tylenol.

Even better was I got a great sleep. I had not tossed and turned like the night before. I slept fully through the night which hadn’t happened in a couple of days.

Yoga When You Are Sick

Well, it takes a lot of motivation to even think about stepping on your mat when you are under the weather.

I can’t say that I am active like this all the time and I am especially not active when I am sick.

However, after trying it out for the first time I would recommend doing some yoga poses when you are sick.

Nothing too crazy but definitely some sort of flow. I feel a lot better (even today) and can only thank the drugs for half of that.

Trust me, I know it sounds weird to say that but I will break down all the good things I felt after doing my 20-minute flow.

barre apparel

  • Clear sinuses
  • A non-achey body
  • A full nights sleep
  • More Energized
  • No more headache
  • The feeling of getting better / being healed

Hot Yoga When Sick

Remember at the start of the article when I told you to stick around for how I enhanced my experiment.

Well, this is it.

I cranked the heat in my office before starting my practice.

It helped sweat everything out. I felt like I got rid of so many bad things in my body. It also really worked for the flu chills as I was not cold at all.

Like any hot yoga class, I was able to melt into the poses and each movement felt great for my body.

It cleared up my sinuses and headache!

Thank you for taking the time to read about yoga when you are sick. It was an interesting little experiment and I was Yoga when you are sickdefinitely surprised by the results.

Now I ask you, Should you do yoga when you have a cold? It may benefit you as it did for me.

Please leave me any comments or questions about yoga when sick, or if you have done any experiment like this yourself!


Cheers and have a great day,



PS – I really encourage you to check out

They offer free classes and paid classes with so many options as to style and level of yoga. It is definitely worth a browse for anyone with an interest in Yoga!

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6 Responses

  1. thomas says:

    I find this article fascinating! It’d be awesome if a study could be done on this to see if there’s actually a consistent feeling of difference after doing yoga (hot yoga from the tip!). Regardless, I’m definitely going to have to suggest this to my wife the next time she’s feeling under the weather 🙂 Thanks for this post!

    • admin says:


      Thanks for the comment. Yes, as I said in the article – it was really challenging to commit to doing it but once I did I really felt great and had some clarity through my sick brain.


  2. Michael says:

    Hi Kahlua,
    That was an interesting experiment to try.
    I think when I’m next ill I will try doing some not too strenuous yoga.
    I’m sure it will help in the ways you have described.
    It’s just getting that motivation to actually start the routine when you’re not feeling 100%.
    I’m sure you’re glad you tried it now and I’m glad you have written about it and that it will help myself and others when we’re sick.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    • admin says:


      Yes, it was definitely a challenge but I am happy that I tried it.

      I always feel like when I get sick I will do ANYTHING to feel better and it was no different committing to the practice.

      Appreciate your comment and let me know if you ever give it a try!


  3. HI Kahlua.
    Thank you for such an interesting article, I myself have always wanted to try yoga as I have been told it is really good for you in so many ways this just another proof of how good it can be.

    • admin says:


      Absolutely – just another reason to give yoga a try.

      I am still in shock on how different I felt after the class.

      Thank you for the comment,

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