How Yoga Changed My Body

How Yoga Changed My Body

Ygoa changed my body

Yoga changed my body. (and I didn’t even get the choice)

Yes, you heard me right. Since I have started doing yoga my body has changed. Do you believe me or does this seem like a no-brainer?

yoga changed my body

How Yoga Changed My Body

The thing I notice most about the changes in my body is my…

Yoga changed my bodyPOSTURE.

Crazy, right?

Throughout each practice, the instructor is constantly reminding you to keep your back straight, lengthen through the neck, peel your shoulders back. All of those cues are telling you to straighten out your posture and it carries on after the practice.

Just so you know, I sit at a desk all day long. Monday to Friday, living that office life.

It really affects your posture, especially if your monitor to the keyboard to chair ratio isn’t in line. I noticed I was starting to form a ‘hump’ back from slouching.

Well, now the hump is not so noticeable really and I am constantly reminding myself to keep my back straight – which I hadn’t ever done before.

We all know that with a straight back comes an…

Engaged Core

Not only is my core stronger from doing yoga, but I am also using it to keep my back straight. Now this happens without really trying.

When your core is engaged your silently working on the muscles and when the core is engaged then we know that there’s a muscle that has been made there. What I am getting at is eventually it will just be core muscles there.

With no insulation. 😉

Even when I am walking around, I walk with strength. I think I even walk faster now too but that’s because..

My Legs.

yoga changed my bodyYep, that’s right. The entirety of my bottom half has also benefited from doing yoga. Yoga has drastically increased my leg strength through standing poses and good ol’ Warrior 2.

The best worst feeling is holding warrior 2 and your legs are burning. It’s awesome because those muscles are being worked but can be very tiring as well. Then you find yourself in downward dog and stretching it all out.

Which reminds me.

Yoga changed my body and made me more flexible.

No, I cannot do the splits now or put my feet behind my head but I can totally engulf myself in a forward fold and crave more of a stretch.

It’s a magical feeling.

I love stretching now and feeling my body accept the stretch and want to go deeper. Then you find those few poses that test how far you can push your body.

I can’t forget either – yoga changed my body and made my balance incredible. I have this weird ear problem where I would wobble just walking. Making me look like I have had one too many drinks all the time – which is only true on the weekend. 😉

Because of balancing poses in yoga I find my balance has improved enormously.

Yoga Has Changed My Mind, Too

yoga changed my bodyThe title might sound a bit weird, but it’s totally true.

Yoga has changed the way that I think.

Since starting to do yoga, I have wanted to keep going to yoga. I see through the laziness and find the time and motivation to get to a class. Every. Day.

My body craves the feelings and sensations only gotten by doing yoga.

Not only that, my mind is more clear.

Sometimes when I think of someone who doe yoga I see a really spiritual person who doesn’t let anything affect them.

Since doing yoga I totally understand how that mentality is created and that I am starting to become a person of that description.

Things don’t bother me as much and I am to look at situations more clearly and with a level head.

Want to know the secret .. aside from doing yoga.Items Starting at only $0.99 at Limited Time Offer

Controlling your breath. Well, that’s what I am saying that it is.

In yoga, everything revolves around your breath. With your breath, poses can go deeper, movement is created and space within the body is achieved. It’s really a no-brainer that those effects take place in your mind as well. Whether it’s realized or not at the time.

So, Does Yoga Change Your Body?

I mean deep down we all knew that it would. I think the better question here is how does yoga change your body and what can you expect from consistently doing yoga.

You know commitment and consistency are number one when it comes to getting what you want.

You can utilize yoga to have a great body and a settled mind.

Use yoga to change yourself for the better.

One of the things you need to realize about starting to do yoga is that yes, you are working ‘out’ or on your muscles but generally, you are not sore the next day.

It’s not like the gym where you pump weights and can’t sit down to pee the next day. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t working hard either though.

yoga changed my bodyYou are stretching your muscles as they are being worked out. That took a minute to think about hey.

Yoga is slower movements and holding poses. It’s working on your body and creating space.

So let’s say for example the class is holding the pose Warrior 2 and your legs are burning. The quads and inner thighs are being worked out and that’s why you feel the burn. However, four of five poses later you find yourself in a downward dog or a wide-legged fold.

Well now, you are stretching out the muscles that were just being worked on.

Magical hey?

Well, needless to say, yoga has changed my body.

Do you do yoga and notice any changes? Have you read something here that has surprised you about doing yoga?

One of my favourite things to do is write about yoga aside from actually taking part in the practice. It motivates me just talking about it and gets me excited to step on my mat again. If I had enough self-motivation I would wake up an hour earlier to get in another practice.

For now, a nightly yoga ritual does the trick.

Evolve Fit Wear BannersIn conclusion, yoga changed my body for the better and I am so happy and thankful to have added this practice into my life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how yoga has affected you. There is a comment section below just waiting to hear your thoughts.

If you haven’t done yoga yet, or are yoga-curious let’s talk about it and maybe with continual motivation from yours truly we can get you on a mat and experience all of the wonderful things everyone loves about yoga.

So thank you for taking the time to read about how yoga changed my body, I hope you have a fabulous day!




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6 Responses

  1. Mariah says:

    I absolutely love Yoga! I never thought about the benefits of posture though. In the past I have only done Yoga once or twice a week at most. How many times a week do you think you have to do Yoga in order to start seeing the benefits you mention?

    Previously I have done Yoga primarily for relaxation but I would love to start getting into Yoga for strength. I injured my back over a year ago but it’s an injury that has been dogging me ever since. My chiropractor told me that I need to build up my core muscles so they can take the strain off my back and help me avoid recurring injury. I think Yoga would be really helpful for this. I need to start doing it more.

    • Kahlua Gordin says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      It’s all about consistency. The more you do a practice in the week the quicker you will see results. Even if you only commit to the practice once or twice a week, eventually you will see results as long as you stick to it.


  2. Kelli Heitstuman-Tomko says:

    I have often thought about yoga. I’ve heard great things about it, but have never had the opportunity to try it. I’ll have to find a class.

  3. Yoga seems to seriously be beneficial for our minds and bodies in so many ways! It doesnt feel like you could get super fit from it, but i guess you are using so many muscles to hold these challenging moves. I love this article thank you! It has motivated me to continue more yoga 🙂

    • Kahlua Gordin says:

      Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for the comment and yes, everything you have said is so true!

      Yoga is great in so many ways. You won’t see the same differences as lifting weights but over time, you will be able to completely tone your body.


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