How To Learn Yoga at Home

How To Learn Yoga at Home

I would like to get started with a how-to learn yoga at home. Sometimes, especially to beginners, it can be intimidating walking into the studio especially knowing there are some very talented yogi’s out there. Take out that factor and do some yoga in the comfort of your own home!

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Commitment goes a long way and it is the first step in how to learn yoga at home. All you need is a drive to learn the practice. You don’t have to go all out right away, start with some simple vinyasa flows for even twenty minutes.

As long as you allow yourself to be fully committed in that moment to be on your mat, you’re doing it right.

You should give yourself extra time to start and end your practice with shavasana. Shavasana is a pose in yoga where all you do is lie on your back. That’s it! Once you lie on your back you’re in shavasana and you’ve done your first yoga pose.

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The most important thing to remember when you take the ‘pose’, we’ll call it, is not about your body but your head space. Taking this time at the start of your practice lets you relax your brain and filter out the stresses / crazies of your day. In time, you will find that it is a very meditative state and the main goal is to not think about anything. Not thinking about anything is a hard thing to accomplish so, hats off to all the men out there. 😉

Shavasana is another great time to set an intention. Some intentions I have set for my self-have been well, more mental, and as simple as, I want to be happy all day. Deeper intentions could include wanting to better yourself, strive for personal best or how to help someone in a positive way.

The main thing you need to remember is if you do set an intention it is for you and you only. What my intention could be might not work for you and honestly, most of the time my intention for the day comes to me. I don’t really have to think about where I want my focus to be, my brain lets me know.

Poses and Structure

how to learn yoga at home

There are many ways to go about this but certainly, the best way is to trust an expert. Yoga teachers have gone through the training and they know how to test your body without injuring it. The last thing you want is to tweak yourself funny when you’re flying solo on your first yoga at home experience.

So my answer: YouTube.

Shocker right? The people of YouTube have added so many wonderful guided classes (for free) that take you through a sequence. The wonderful thing about YouTube and doing yoga at home is that you can manage your class.

Let’s say you only have twenty minutes, then you type in 20 minutes yoga and a whole list comes up of so many people who have recorded a twenty-minute class you can take advantage of. If you’re a beginner, type in yoga for beginners. It is amazing how many resources are out there to make it possible to do yoga at home.

As I said before, all you need is to commit to doing it.

Your Perfect Space

Your perfect space is where you will feel most comfortable and relaxed. Yoga studios tend to have a rubber floor and most of the time have mirrors on the wall so you can check your self out. No! So you can make sure your posture is good. Doing yoga outside is great too! You have to be careful of bugs and other distractions pulling you away from your practice.

How to learn yoga at homeConsidering this is how to do yoga at HOME, let’s talk about your home space. Trying to do yoga in the kitchen/living room while someone’s watching TV or dinners on is probably not the best idea. I tend to find a quieter space like my bedroom or office where I have enough room to stretch out and I know that no one will interrupt me.

In conclusion, find that one quiet spot where you know no one will be interrupting you.

To enhance your experience, light some candles, find a good yoga playlist and give yourself plenty of time.

What you Need

In all honesty, nothing! You need you, a bit of time and, commitment.

how to learn yoga at home

However, if you’re looking for a little more, a yoga mat is a great place to start. There are so many places/sites where you can buy a good yoga mat. If you are looking to purchase one, make sure to read the reviews. One thing I would look out for is the amount of grip you find on your mat. I have bought a cheap mat before and been in a hot yoga class doing downward dog and my feet and hands are slipping away from each other. That is one distraction that can be planned for beforehand.

Other things that you will need is certainly a water bottle. Dehydration is never the answer and you need to make sure to take care of your body. If hot yoga is your game, a towel works wonders. You can even get towels with little grippies on the bottom if you plan on going matless.

If you’re really stepping up your game, a yoga block is great! There are many classes/tutorials that incorporate the block for poses and posture control. A strap to is really useful if you are focused on working out major tightness in an area on your body. Gets me on my hamstrings every time!

You can do it!

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You and your body will be so happy if you take that 20-60 minutes to focus on you. Take a look at the two billion people already around the world committed to their practice. Make it two billion and one!

Find your happy place, get out your mat, load up a video and enjoy!





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  1. Marlana says:

    I really like the whole idea of this site. It gives me motivation to do yoga at home! Very useful information, I will definitely check back to get some more information in the future.

    • admin says:

      Super happy to hear that! Thank you.

      Yes, be motivated and tell me how I can help. Yoga is so beneficial to your mind and body.

      Thanks again and have a great day!

  2. Very nice website! I used to practice yoga with home videos that I had, but being a mommy has changed a lot of my priorities. You’ve made me feel nostalgic for my younger days, lol. =)

  3. admin says:

    I am happy I could do that for you!

    Hopefully, you can get on that mat one day and congrats to you momma!

    Have a great day,

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