How To Get The Most Out Of Yoga – After

How To Get The Most Out Of Yoga – After

How to get the most out of yoga - after

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the third part on how to get the most out of yoga. In this post, I will be talking about everything you can do AFTER your practice to just soak it all in and get every last drop out of your practice.

How to get the most out of yoga - after

Being there on your mat and committing to your practice is the battle. So when that’s done, it’s nice to take the extra moment’s post-practice to just live in the state of mind you created.

Below are some ideas that you can use to really close up your practice.

Please, read & enjoy. Drop me a comment afterwards with any questions or things that you do post-practice that I have missed. Or if you just want to chat – I’m okay with that too!

Also, – I will have links at the end of this post for the before and during articles!


Move Slow If You Canhow to get the most out of yoga

If time permits, take your time getting up and getting back to the ‘real world’.

Try to not rush out of the studio and to your car to continue the day.

Take the sloth mentality and accept getting there when you get there.

Continue Meditating

There is no time limit on meditation or chavasana.

If you have the time and the space, continue to stay on your mat and breathing. Just be there. No activity.

Or even if you have more time when you get home to continue meditation.

Be greedy and take more time for yourself!

For more info on meditation, you can check out this post: Yoga and Meditation for Beginners.

Be Grateful

how to get the most out of yogaThis point is related to other ones I have listed here but I wanted to isolate it as well.

Being grateful sometimes takes an active mind and a conscious decision to think about those things.

By that I mean, sometimes you need to actively and consciously think about what you are grateful for.

Every morning on my drive to work I say OUT LOUD (that’s important too!) what I am grateful for. Sometimes it’s a repetition from the previous day when my minds on autopilot but when I focus and actually think about it – great ideas come out and make me really appreciate what I have in life and the people who are in it.

This has derived from yoga for me because practising yoga has allowed me to have a more open mind and to be a more positive, better person.

If anything though, be grateful for you.

Essential Oils

So, I have just started getting into the essential oil trend that has now come to get the most out of yoga

I am loving it. Some of the oils you can get are so powerful in the sense of how it affects you.

Like lavender – it’s really calming. I feel a lot of clarity as well when I use this oil.

One of my yoga instructors brings an oil with her to class and when it’s time for chavasana we each get a couple drops on our hand.

I put some on my chest and on my temples.

I haven’t gotten a diffuser yet but it’s getting close to that time.

I also use eucalyptus on my mat when I do a home practice. It’s the starting routine of my practice to put a couple drops on the top of my mat and the bottom.

Love Yourself

How to get the most out of yoga

Now that the practice is complete, be in love with the space you have created in your mind and body.

Love yourself for working on your body and getting some exercise. Love yourself for doing something for you. Love yourself for all the thoughts and ideas that popped into your mind while on your mat. Love yourself for being on your mat. Love yourself for sharing a space with someone else – whether that be your instructor or other people in the class.

Just love, right?

Soak It All In

If all else prevails, at least take a moment for yourself to soak in all that your practice gave you.

Whether that is while you are walking out of your class and take a moment to thank yourself. Or, if it’s before you leave your mat.

Be thankful.

You did it.

YOU took time out of the day for you. Even if was only a ten-minute practice at home, you were there and focusing inwards.

It doesn’t matter what your intention was to get on your mat, the fact that you were there is what counts.

If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

Essential OilsThank you for taking the time to check out part three of how to get the most out of yoga. I certainly felt more relaxed writing this and sharing my advice for you. Hopefully, this has helped you out in some way.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you in the comment section!


Here are the links for part 1 & 2:

How to get the most out of yoga – before

How to get the most out of yoga – during


Have a great day!



Going to do another shoutout to Yoga with Adriene! Her classes are the bomb-dot-com and I hope you can check them out soon!

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12 Responses

  1. Marketa says:

    Hi kahlua,
    Loved this article. Thanks for the informative post. I’m just getting into yoga now so will be looking out for your new posts 🙂

    • admin says:

      HI Marketa,

      No problem – I am happy you enjoyed it.

      That’s great news! If you have any questions let me know!


  2. Katie says:


    Thank you for this wonderful post and I never thought about what I could be doing after the practice! I will definitely use this in the future!



  3. Sanders says:

    Kahlua, Some really great suggestions for how to get the most out of Yoga…and for after a lot of other activities also. Just taking the time to enjoy the moment is important and adds to the experience. I use essential oils mostly for the relaxation and well-being feeling for my sleep patterns. Adding a couple of drops of lavender to my pillow as a part of my night routine gives my mind the extra signal to start putting the body in auto and to rest.
    Thanks for a great article!

    • admin says:

      HI Sanders,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It’s true and I find that I am guilty of not just being present in the moment either but it feels so good to do so.

      Yes, I have also incorporated lavender on my pillow as well.


  4. Nicole Stiles says:

    This is such great advice! It’s so important to stop and take time for ourselves. We can’t be there for others if we don’t know how to let ourselves take a breather.

    • admin says:

      Hey Nicole,

      This is so very true.

      Be appreciative of yourself and take the time to reflect.

      Cheers, and thank you for the comment!

  5. Dave says:

    I really like this post. I have started to incorporate parts of yoga into my workout and have seen some benefits. I have not considered using scented oils before so that is a new one. I will definitely have to give a few of these tips a try!

    • admin says:

      Hey Dave,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Using oils really does enhance the practice or cool down. Try lavender & eucalyptus – they’re are my top favourites!


  6. Hannah says:

    Kahlua What a great blog and thanks for sharing: sometimes you forget the importance of winding down after yoga or indeed any exercise and there are some great tips that I will use in the future. To your continued success

    • admin says:

      Hi Hannah,

      Thank you for the comment.

      What you are saying is exactly true. Sometimes we are too quick to join the rat race again instead of taking extra time to soak in the practice.

      Hope you have a great day!

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