How to do Yoga at Work

How to do Yoga at Work

I am going to be honest with you today. Totally, brutally up front and honest.

I slack off at work all the time. It is my goal to do a hundred squats in my workday.

That is why I wanted to create a ‘how to do yoga at work’. Its beneficial and you get paid to do yoga. Pretty sweet hey? I will note that this ‘how to do yoga at work’ guide is targeted to people working in an office and in a chair for most of the day.

Just the Baby Steps

how to do yoga at work

Again with the honesty train, you probably won’t be able to do a full sequence at work. It would be a good show however.

So let’s start small:

Sit crossed legged in your chair. I spend most of my day crossed legged in my chair. It feels great on the legs and helps me from hunching over staring at the computer screen. With that said – do focus on your posture.

Cons of sitting crossed legged – my leg falls asleep after a while. Still worth it though.

Let’s touch on posture here. That is so important. It helps keep your core strong and avoids the hunchback.


I know it sounds silly. Like yea I breathe all the time, duh!

When I am particularly stressed at work I like to focus on my breathing. It really helps. I learned these tricks from yoga.

Give it a try and it helps with brain fog too. Which happens quite frequently for me as well.

Take five, close your eyes if you can and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Taking control of your breathing helps you focus and breath out some of the negative energies that tend to build up in the day.

Trying to be Sneaky

yoga-at-the-officeAlthough no one is directly in my office I am at the front of the building and the last thing I want is a customer to walk in while I am mid stretch. I’m sure they would just love that.

Here’s a couple ways to do some yoga at work:

1 – Hover over your chair. Chair pose, it fits. Instead of actually sitting take on a chair pose for a minute or so. I am doing it right now so your productivity does not go down.

2 – A good twist. Lower your chair so both feet are planted on the ground and your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Straighten your back and you can either use the arms of your chair or place your hands on the outside of your thigh and look back in that direction. Please be sure to do both sides though!

3 – The Ultimate sneak pose – When you’re at the printer or looking through files at a filing cabinet get into tree pose.It may look like you are normally going through files or waiting for you printer items but really, you’re doing some yoga.

4 – Open your chest. It would be easier to do this standing but clasp your hands behind your back and push back. It feels great across your chest and not that noticeable either.


There are ways you can get a good stretch in at work and I mean sitting in a chair for eight hours a day, you really need it.


Have a great day and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my post.

If you want to leave me a comment I would super appreciate that. Are there any tricks I missed that you do?


Thanks again,

Kahlua Gordin


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