How To Clean A Yoga Mat With Essential Oils

How To Clean A Yoga Mat With Essential Oils

Okay, so today I want to go over how to clean a yoga mat. Although yoga isn’t the most strenuous form of physical activity, the mats do get sweat on and they do get dirty.

You want to keep your mat clean too – think about how many poses there are when you are lying on your mat or your face is really close to it. The last thing you want to see is dirt – or worse, have a funky smell.

I find that in today’s society we stop focusing on repairing our current goods and instead of going for buying something new.

Your phones broken? Buy a new one. Your shoes have a hole in them – get a new pair?

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I know a yoga mat is pretty small scale compared to those examples but isn’t it better to learn to take care of your things, instead of just replace them when they are damaged?

With that thought in mind let’s talk about how to clean a yoga mat. Please remember that each mat may vary slightly in certain care but this will be a general guideline of all the ways you can preserve your mat. I will disclose (near the end of this article) what my favourite trick that I use when cleaning my mat too!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and how your clean your yoga mat. I would especially love to hear any tips you have learned along the way!

How To Clean A Yoga Mat.

how to clean a yoga matIt is your choice on the best way to clean a yoga mat. Whether you go for a DIY project or decide to buy a cleaner, either way, will work. I personally like to use a bought cleaner as I have more trust in those kinds of products but I have listed below what you need to make your own cleaner.

Really as long as you are taking the time to clean your mat, you should be good.

Also, if you go to a yoga studio more than at home they usually have a spray there. If not bring your own – no one will judge you. And if it smells yummy people may even ask where you got it from.

Buy A Cleaner

As I said – your can buy a cleaning product. I have listed this one from Amazon as my personal favourite. It comes with a whole bunch of different smell choices and a microfibre cloth. What I really like with this product as well is it is all natural.

It really does give me (and hopefully your too!) a piece of mind knowing that there are no chemicals going on your mat. It helps to preserve your mat integrity and your know that no chemicals are being absorbed into your skin as well.

For some reason, I have been very attracted to anything Eucalyptus. The smell for me is so calming and when I do a practice at home I drop a few drops at the top and bottom of my mat. Sometimes I put some on my hands too because it is just that good.


To make your own DIY mat cleaner is really basic – YAY. Easy is good. You will only need a few things and for the most part, they will probably be household items that you already own.

You will need:

  • A small spray bottle.
  • Water – distilled or spring is preferred.
  • Tea Tree Oil – about 2-3 drops
  • Essential Oil of your choice – Lavender, Eucalyptise or a blend.
  • Witch Hazel or White Vinegar – This will make up a fourth of the rest of your blend.

That’s super easy in my books.

I have just started using essential oils and OMG I love them. I found a lavender one that’s made local in my area ( and it is so pure and powerful. The smell is so relaxing.


All you really have to do once you have decided between DIY or storebought is to spray your mat down after your practice. I wouldn’t worry too much about wiping it off after – which you can do. But all it really needs is a spray.

If it’s gotten really bad, take some warm water to your mat and leave it to hang dry overnight.

I told you I would tell you my favourite trick, for mat cleaning. Funny enough it has already been mentioned and even recommended in the DIY mat cleaner.

Can your guess what it is?

Essential Oils

I have only recently jumped on the essential oil train and baby I am not turning back. They are so great and the aromas really do help calm your mind – and smell so yummy. Like I said before – I like to put a couple drops on my mat before my practice so adding them to my spray afterwards is no sweat to me.

how to clean a yoga matJust imagine yourself breathing out & chaturanga down to have a fresh inhale to updog and catching a whiff of your favourite oil. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

Most of you know this already but you certainly cannot machine wash your mat. If you have PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know how that went for you.

With that, a cleansing mat spray is so important to keep the grime and germs away.

You can hang dry your mat however and it is really recommended to do so when you get a new mat.

I really encourage you to get yourself a spray if you have not already and spray your mat down. You will feel better and I promise it will smell better.

barre apparel

So, what did you think about how to clean a yoga mat? Did you learn anything or was this a reiteration of things you already knew? Let me know in the comment section below!

Also, I have created a review post on the top 5 yoga mats if you want to check out (my fav) and other peoples too!

As always, have a great day and thank you for tuning in!




Shout out to YOGA WITH ADRIENE! Check her out on YouTube. I love her practices. She really takes the time to explain things and get you in the mindset for a great practice.

Also, her classes really work muscles. It has happened multiple times where I have wrapped up her class and start walking only to find my legs are shaking! If you are looking for a great class PLEASE check it out.




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9 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for your post. Yes, my yoga mat is in need of a cleaning, I feel like it is beginning to smell a little funky. I like that you talk about how you can make your own cleaning spray and I will probably do that in the future but I LOVE that you included the cleaning spray that is your personal favorite and that I can have it in two days with Prime so I am going to do that first. Since I have not really cleaned it since I got the mat I feel like it is in need of a professional strength clean first. Thanks again for your helpful tips.

    • admin says:

      Hi Heather,

      I totally understand what you’re saying. I did the same thing with my mat the first time. I wanted it to have a good scrub before going to DIY. Also, the scrub is oh natural!

      Thanks for the comment,

  2. Carole Latouche says:

    Very interesting! I never knew I could do this to clean my yoga mat! Thanks to you I will have a very clean mat now. I felt that every time I was cleaning it, it was not clean enough! Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Hi Carole,

      Thanks for the comment. That’s never a good feeling when you still feel like your mat could be clean.

      Happy I could help!


  3. Seth says:

    Great article! I have to say I love the smell of eucalyptus too it’s a very relaxing scent. Will have to try these out, thank you!

  4. Jukka says:

    Thanks for the cleaning tips Kahlua! I know from experience that yoga mats can gather quite an lets say “interesting” smell just like any other exercise gear. The problem is that you can’t really just stick them to the washer after every work out.

    Only thing I’m concerned with is if the tee tree and essential oils can dissolve the mat over time? Every yoga mat I have used is made out of some form of plastic and I know from experience that tee tree oils is bad for some plastics. I take it you haven’t had any problems? I think couple drops is not enough to do any real damage any way.

    Could you recommend yoga mats made out of organic or recyclable materials btw?

    • admin says:


      So true, life would be a lot easier if we could put our yoga mat in the washer!

      Honestly, I didn’t even think about the negative effects of tea tree oil on your yoga mat! I will have to look into it more and get back to you. I would assume though that if that is part of the DIY mix that it would be safe.

      Yes, I have done a post on the top 5 yoga mats. One is specifically organic and the others use natural rubber!

      Here is a link –


  5. This was an eye opening and great article! I use essential oils, and yoga mats frequently, and so now I’ll know what I need to do. I like the cleaner you have listed, I will have to keep that in mind. And I also have enough of the DIY materials to make my own cleaner. Either option sounds great as you’ve provided us with. It’s nice to smell essential oils, they smell good, and it’s great for the mind. Thank you.

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