Best Yoga Pants for Women

Best Yoga Pants for Women

best yoga pants for women

Good afternoon you guys! Hope life is fab in your world!

Today.. This is it. I’m going to breakdown the best yoga pants for women and what we love and hate about them.

For starters – there are SO many places to get workout gear from so I apologize now if I haven’t added in your favourite place.

If I did miss a good one and you believe it needs to be added to my list, that’s totally okay! Leave the retailer in the comment section below and I will be happy to add it to the best yoga pants for women list.

Before we did in here, let’s just start with the fact that any ‘workout’ pant will work for yoga. As long as it’s not constricting (or see-through) it will work.

You want to look for yoga pants that are durable – back to the see-through. You don’t want anyone looking at your bum, you want pants that are comfortable as well. For me, I like a higher waisted pant. I don’t want this pant to be too tight on my tummy but I also don’t want it to fold down during my practice too.

The worst thing to do during your practice is fiddle with your clothing and adjust it. Your pants and top should stay where they are – wouldn’t that be nice?

Also, I love that it’s not just black, flared pants anymore. There’s so many styles & colours to really make the pant your own style.

So, kick around and check out the best yoga pants for women.

If you plan on staying for the whole post I will let you in on the best secret (ever) for yoga pants.

Enjoy, and leave some comments below and we can chat!

1. YogaClub

Yogaclub is a little different from your regular online yoga store.

Instead of you browsing, ordering and receiving, YogaClub quizzes you on your favourite styles, colours and fits. Then they compile a subscription box and send it to you on a monthly interval or every three months.

This is perfect for the ones who are sick of buying black clothes or feel like they have all the same styles in their closet.

**YogaClub is also offering a great deal too – if you buy three boxes, you get an extra outfit!

Let’s get down to it, what are people saying about YogaClub.

Their brands:

best yoga pants for women

People really love that they can’t choose exactly what they are getting. It’s a scary & great thing all in one.

As far as quality goes – hands down. I even searched ‘bad reviews about YogaClub’ and didn’t find a thing.

For me – I love the fact you can get a whole outfit for the price of a singular piece of clothing.

Also, – if you would like to read my review about YogaClub – you can check it out here!

2. SimplyWORKOUT

Workout Leggings

SimplyWorkout is not the same layout as yogaclub.

With SimplyWorkout you are free to choose exactly what you want.

As far as the best yoga pants for women goes – they have so many leggings! So many.

There are so many colours and styles to meet your specific style.

They also offer tops to complete your look. The thing I love about their tops is they have a sassy saying on them. It makes wearing them more fun.

I saw this one tank top that says ‘Namaslay’ on it. Just the perfect amount of motivation needed from the shirt.

Even if you are not buying anything today, at least look at all of their different styles. It’s inspiring, it really is.


The most popular and known yoga pant distributor ever. Along with many other great products.

Lululemon was founded in Vancouver – Canada (GO CANADA!) and became extremely popular very quickly.

Their pants are awesome.

They fit great like your bum looks superb and their clothes are great quality.

A couple of years ago now they switched their manufacturing to overseas and initially, there were some problems on quality but having recently purchased clothes from there I can say that they have upheld the standard of quality clothing.

Now, they have so many yoga pant styles.

You choose between high rise or low rise, flared or skinny, cropped or full.

That’s just the style.

On top of that, they offer many colours and patterns.

best yoga pants for womenI would say that is by far my favourite place to shop for yoga clothes. There’s just so many choices, even on the ‘We Made Too Much’ link.

I know also, that they can seem a bit pricey – which I do agree with but the quality of the clothes really makes up for it.

I have had pants that I bought from there seven years ago that I still wear regularly. It’s really hard to say that about clothing nowadays.

I only bought a pair of black leggings and a flared pair so they are really neutral and part of the reason I am still able to wear them seven years later.

The biggest thing to do when you buy from lululemon is to not machine dry the pants. They last a lot longer if you hang dry them. They also won’t ball up like cheaper leggings do after time.

Alright, so what was your favourite retailer on the best yoga pants for women?

For me – my shopping list is filling up. One of my favourite things to do is get new gear. It’s a constant motivation to get on my mat although, I usually end up there at least once a day anyway.

Check out – What is the best yoga mat?

For those of you who are here and are only here because I told you I would tell you what the best secret about yoga pants is, here we go.








You can wear them all the time. There’s no rule that says you can’t wear your stretchy pants just to yoga.

I love that fact. It’s the best.


Anyways, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!




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