About Kahlua

About Kahlua

Hello, and may I be the first to welcome you to my site.! Yay! I have such a passion for yoga and the peace you can generate when you commit to your practice. I have been a committed yogi for the last seven years and love it. There is always something new to learn and a different way to challenge yourself.

My Journey

I wish I could start off this story with how one day my life was in shambles and my friend said come to yoga with me and then I was reluctant but obviously ended up going and when I walked out of the studio the sun was shining and birds were chirping and I found the winning lottery ticket.

I am sorry but that is not my yoga story.

To be honest, I don’t even remember my first class and what motivated me to step on that mat. However, I will tell you the feeling I had after my first class. My brain and my body felt so light and airy after. Things felt so clear and the small things were gone. I am pretty sure yoga is my drug because I get that feeling EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Between when I started going to yoga and now I have moved to a couple different towns and before I even unpack boxes my first question is, Where is the closest Yoga studio? Once I had that firgured out I could focus on things like finding a job, navigating around town you know, those things.

Get on that mat!

Now that you know why I am inspired to step on the mat every day, I want to inspire you to do the same! I want every single person to have that feel good moment. It’s addicting and pulls you back in.

Why am I here?

The purpose of my site is to encourage and motivate you to take a little quality time for yourself. I want to know your journey and where you are in your yoga world. Please tell me whether you are a beginner or a pro, and what your favourite pose is!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out 🙂

All the best,

Kahlua Gordin
Founder of All Day Yoga

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