A Review about Yoga on YouTube

A Review about Yoga on YouTube

In one of my earlier blogs I recommended doing yoga on YouTube. I would like to take the time to review the experience I have had and the overall experience you may have too. I hope this still encourages you to practice yoga at least once a day.

What I Love About Online Yoga

The main reason I love online yoga is it revolves around my schedule. I don’t have to wake up at a certain time or, rush home after work and not have dinner to make it to a class. I choose when I ‘go’ to yoga. That makes even the craziest lifestyles still have time for some yoga.

Another reason it is so wonderful is because you have control of your classes. You can tell YouTube, “Hey, I have twenty minutes, I am an intermediate yogi who wants to participate in a flow class”. Then YouTube responds with a bunch of videos catered to your request. You hit play and you’re laughing.

You are free to explore. No one’s judging you in your own home. Say you want to take the pose to the next level, or you need a small break. No one’s there! Or maybe you had a little too many beans for dinner 😉 Fart away because the only person you will stink out is yourself.

It’s free! Isn’t that just a wonderful word. Free free free! Doing yoga online doesn’t cost you anything so it works out so well for anyone on a budget.

What I Don’t Love About Online Yoga

As much as I love yoga and I do, I really do. There are a few downfalls to doing yoga online.

The biggest downfall in doing online yoga is you don’t have a certified yoga instructor making sure you are doing the poses correctly. Yoga is meant to test your body and see what it can do for you so there are some times when I pose feels uncomfortable until you settle into it.


There is a big difference from being uncomfortable and it hurting. Nothing you ever do in yoga should hurt and sometimes all that needs to happen is just a slight move in your body and then the pose works and feels good again. When you don’t have a teacher watching these things and maybe coming over to correct your posture it can lead to problems.

You miss out on the class setting. The atmosphere from home yoga to in a class is completely different. I find that I have a better time focusing in a class setting. You feed off of everyone else’s vibes and it pushes you to push yourself. Whereas when you are doing yoga at home, you can slack off a bit and no one will call you out on it.

Do I Recommend Online Yoga?

Absolutely! As long as you can take time for yourself and get on your mat then life’s good! I would be cautious of the above concerns I made for doing yoga online but that shouldn’t stop you. Always remember if something doesn’t feel right or there’s pressure in a weird way then listen to your body. Go to downward dog or child’s pose and wait for the online teacher to move onto the next sequence.



Have a fabulous day yogi’s!


Kahlua Gordin


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