2 Week Juice Cleanse – Update 1 & Results

2 Week Juice Cleanse – Update 1 & Results

2 week juice cleanseHi Everyone!

For those of you following along.. It is time for my first cleanse update! Woohoo.

For those of you who are just checking this out. I started a cleanse & you can read all about it here.

Day 1 – Saturday


Woke up Saturday morning & started the cleanse. I drank half a glass and didn’t feel nearly as bad as I did the first time I tried this.

Weighed in at 151 lbs.


Uh oh. I totally blanked about drinking my potion.


I didn’t really consume any direct sugar. I had a few carbs and we had a family turkey dinner that night. I had stuffing because my grandma makes it and it’s amazing but no potatoes.

I also did not do any kind of work out today.

Every morning I take a hunger supplement pill – which I did today as well.

Day 2 – Sunday


Woke up and had the juice. It hit me right away and I was in the bathroom.

I weighed in and was at 154 lbs but this was a different scale. I don’t really know if that makes a difference though – unless it isn’t calibrated.

I did not have a hunger supplement pill this morning.


I almost forgot again but thankfully smashed back half a cup before bed.


I didn’t do any work outs and I was at the arena all day watching hockey and eating candy and popcorn. Not part of my normal diet but there was no other food around.

Day 3 – Monday


First day back to work after the weekend. I drank half a cup on my way to work. I have started to realize that I need to commit to the full cup for best results. I have just been scared to do so. I weighed in and was back at 152lbs.


I did not take it. I thought about it but didn’t follow through.


I am not going through with this cleanse. It’s awful.2 week juice cleanse

I will be finding a pill form cleanse and try that out.

Sorry, I cannot elaborate more but it’s just not good. The only reason I started it (again) was for you guys & whoever is reading this.


I will keep you informed if I find something else & will add a link.





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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey, Kahlua 🙂 I laughed when ‘you thought about it, but didn’t follow through.’ I don’t mean that in a nasty way at all. I can only imagine that you were going through a rough time because of the cleanse. Cleaning our body also affects us mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so your challenges may have been coming from all aspects of self.
    Was it the physical aspects that made you give up, or the emotional/mental side of it?
    What are you taking hunger supplement pills for? Are they recommended as part of the cleanse that you are/were doing?
    Cheers, and I hope you are feeling great now 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrew,

      That’s too funny. Ya it was brutal. It was so hard to drink and it started coagulating and it had the texture of mucus 🙁

      The pills were not recommended, just part of my daily routine anyway. I think was just the everything. I had thought that I had mentally prepared myself for the task but that was not the case.

      I am cringing thinking about it.


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